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Davaar EV

The UK has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 28% by 2035 and moving to Net Zero by 2050. Transport, in particular cars, is the largest source of emissions (accounting for 27%). Transitioning from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles (EVs) is therefore key to reducing emissions and meeting Net Zero. Reflecting this, the UK Government has committed to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars/vans from 2030.

For this to happen, it is essential that there is a comprehensive and competitive EV charging network in place.

Forecasts suggest that at least 280 to 480,000 public chargepoints will be needed by 2030 – more than 10 times the current number (around 25,000).

Davaar EV headed by Campbell Docherty is a specialist advisor to Landlords  and EV Operators matching freehold and leasehold sites with End to End fully funded EV Charging solutions. Campbell works alongside Mark Dornan of Dornan & Co. Mark provides strategic property advice on Development and Land acquisition and has worked with a number of EV Charging Operators across the UK.

 To discuss how we can assist to enhance property asset value and secure a long term income profile in the EV Sector,  please contact campbell@davaaradvisors.com or mark_dornan@yahoo.co.uk 

Site locations required to host Rapid & Ultra Rapid Charging

Davaar Maritime

Maritime Electric Vehicle Charging is a growing field that aims to provide charging solutions at Marinas and Ferry /Shipping Ports across the Globe.

David Stickland is an expert in the Maritime Industry with over 30 years experience in Senior Management positions within IT Related Industries including his tenure as Commercial Director at the leading Ferry Ticketing Software Co, PDMS Compass . His all round networking and communication skills have developed relationships that unequivocally span the globe particularly within the maritime/ferry space.

David and Campbell can provide specialist advice to landlords in this sector seeking to provide their staff and sea faring customers with industry leading EV Charging solutions at departure and arrival points to drive their business forward. Please contact david@davaarev.com